Thursday, August 7, 2014

How I picked my niche.

Using the previously outlined criteria,this is how I picked my niche.i have always been a gun enthusiast . I don't know why, but I always enjoyed buying,selling,building,shooting,even just cleaning my guns.i can talk forever on the subject with what I would like to believe as having a broad knowledge of firearms and even consider myself almost an expert in many areas.

With all the different makes,models,types ,and applications of firearms,just the topic of firearms would be way to broad of a topic to become my niche.I would need to be more specific with my subject matter while retaining my previously mentioned criteria. I have always been fascinated with tactical weapons,but that subject would be too general as well,and cover too much of a broad spectrum of topics. So to further refine my niche, I chose to write about a specific tactical firearm that  I have a great deal of interest in and have a very advanced knowledge of, the AR-15.

Because of my interest and expertise in the weapon, I will be able to write informative and helpful posts that are full of information and rich content that will help others who own or plan to own the weapon get the most out of their gun. It will also be a subject that I will enjoy writing about ,as I have a lot of interest in it.this subject while specific,should provide many topics to write on as you will see,from cleaning,buying guides,brand guides,building,ect... Also this should leave the door open to eventually market in different ways which will be touched on later when I get to that chapter in the project.Now,I have a blog to build.