Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting the right topic for your blog..The niche..

Again, after countless hours compiling what the consensus holds to be true with regards to blogging for money, everyone pretty much agrees the subject (or niche as it is commonly referred to) has to meet the following criteria to be a viable option to profit . Pick a niche with the following attributes,and not just one or a couple, but one with all the characters  represented below.

1. Make your niche a very specialized or specific field in which to write. You do not want too broad or general of a want a concentrated theme.

2. Pick a niche that is something you know a lot about,this enables you not only to offer your readers substance and a reason to follow you,but also makes it much less difficult for you to write.

3. Write about a subject where you can help others,giving them a reason to return to your site,substance is key, help solve a problem, or give  concise advise. This is another reason to have good knowledge of your niche.

 4. Typically if you know a lot about a topic, it usually is of interest to you...but not always. It is best to pick your niche in a field that is of great interest to you. This is beneficial in many ways. It makes the "work" of writing a blog more enjoyable,and the constant research on your topic will seem a lot less like work as well. You will provide better substance when you like what you are writing about ,and that's what brings value to your words. Your knowledge and enthusiasm.

These are the basics that most across the net have basically agreed on with regards to "finding your niche. In my next post I will show you how I formulated my niche and the reasoning behind it.