Thursday, August 7, 2014


Since my last post I have been sorting through the countless methods advertised and written about online, I realized that a majority of my time will be spent sorting through a lot of conflicting info. I decided to review a lot of ideas mentioned online and compile a list of common tactics that the majority of these systems recommend using. So far , a blog looks to be my best method ,being that I have no background in any of the numerous ways to capitalize online. My reasoning is that there are so many "money streams" that can be tapped, and with my lack of experience , if I can get one of these streams to flow, or compound the revenue from multiple streams, then maybe I can make this worth my while. Here are the streams that ,as of now I intend to explore,of course they are subject to change ,but I think this is my best bet as the blog will give me the most options. Here they are:

1. Revenue from advertisement  (Adwords or something similar)

2. Revenue from affiliate marketing a product or preferably multiple products that relate to the content of blog.

3. Author an e-book in relation to the subject matter of the blog. This will be a time intensive project in its own right and will probably be the final avenue explored,as I simply will not have the time to dedicate to writing a book while constructing a blog ,keeping this one updated,and continuing reasearch .

4. Sell subject related products in an online store via group ( bulk) sales.

5. The list goes on.

The blog seems to be the most versatile , allowing multiple options for cash to flow in. This will take a lot of trial and error ,but with all the options available has the most possibility for success. Over the next couple days I will be looking further into others blogs and try to see what everyone else seems to be doing with theirs. The cool part about this project is that I am actually creating a hybrid, not using anyone else's method like a blueprint but emulating portions of others game plans and creating a whole new beast. This should get interesting, I am very pleased with the route I'm taking and the multitude of options I have to generate cash flow . Keep following and again give me suggestions if I'm missing something!